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Here to Help - The Newest Software That's Helping Save Commercial Customers Thousands

12/10/2015 (Permalink)

Is your business prepared to survive water damage, smoke damage, or a mold issue?

by Robert Lay 

Recently, SERVPRO rolled out their newest Ready Plan software called the Emergency Ready Profile. This iOS platform software assists commercial clients in establishing an emergency response plan in the event of a flood, storm, or water damage that occurs in Lakeland. Not only does this service provide valuable information about shut off valves, breaker panels, and drainage systems, but it helps establish a plan for communication between materially invested parties, insurance representatives, vendors, and employees. When catastrophe strikes, sound preparation takes the place of chaos, and information that may not to be able to be accessed is readily available for all parties.

Why is this important?

1)      Time is of the essence when a pipe bursts. Water can be flowing out from a broken pipe at hundreds of gallons per minute depending on the size of the supply line. Every second spent scrambling to find shut off valves is another opportunity for water to cause damage. In predetermining the locations of these valves, thousands of dollars can be saved by preventing further damage.

2)      In dealing with vendors, having information such as your insurance carrier, your emergency response budget (a not to exceed limit), and determining authorized representatives will help assist in making the claims process go smoothly. Knowing what your policy will and won’t cover will alleviate doubt that you may have to pay these costs out of pocket.

3)      50% of business never reopen after a catastrophic loss. Having an emergency service plan that protects data, assembles a chain of command, and limits the amount of business interruption could mean the difference between your business surviving or falling to the wayside. The upfront cost during these types of events can be crippling if a company hasn’t budgeted properly. Too often, we have seen fire and smoke damage cause irrepressible damage, and without the ability to provide a draw, companies struggle to maintain the necessary income to keep their doors open.

4)      Knowing your vendors is crucial to getting the type of response you may need in Lakeland. While many restoration companies exist, very few can specialize in commercial damage clean up, and even less have a sound reputation of providing quality service. Interviewing vendors to determine capacity and quality is crucial before a disaster strikes.

Putting off the creation of an Emergency Ready Plan is a gamble that most people cannot afford to take. Find out more by calling your local water damage restoration firm or insurance claims specialist.