Recent Before & After Photos

Baseboards, Toe Kicks, Wallpaper & Insulation

Where is the Water Hiding?The second a water loss occurs, the water begins to travel. It wicks up drywall,  and settles in places dark and hard to reach or... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Carpet

It's the Water That You Don't See That Does the Most Damage.This homeowner had sustained water damage in the first floor of their home. The carpets in the bedro... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss

This customer had a small leak from a very large pipe. The resulting damage is what you see in this first photo: a flooded warehouse. Once the water had been sh... READ MORE

Flood From Storm Surge

This flooded room, along with 3 others was the result of a storm surge from a recent hurricane. SERVPRO of Lakeland was able to extract the water, dirt, and muc... READ MORE

Lakeland Fire Restoration

House Fire in Lakeland, FL These pictures depict the inside of a kitchen that was ravaged by a fire. The damage however did not stop there. It affected several... READ MORE

Fire and Smoke Clean Up in Lakeland, FL

When a fire starts, it is very easy to see the things that those flames touch. The scorched items are easy to identify and remove. Smoke damage is an entirely d... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Lakeland

This photo depicts a residential fire that occurred inside a Lakeland resident's garage. The homeowners were fortunate that the fire was isolated to the exterio... READ MORE

Flood Clean Up in Lakeland

SERVPRO of Lakeland responded to a flood clean up last week. There was still standing water inside the house when our team arrived.  This type of water i... READ MORE

Mold and Mildew Cleanup

Water damaged building materials that aren't properly dried out can often lead to a much bigger problem. Wood sub floors can begin to swell and buckle. Framing ... READ MORE

Floor Care Experts in Lakeland FL

This picture shows some dramatic results from a strip and wax job in Lakeland performed by the SERVPRO of Lakeland crew. The floor in the picture belongs to one... READ MORE